Short latex gloves with ruffles

Hey all!

Gloves are endless accessory of latex outfits. I have enough gloves of every possible color and sizes, for instance, short, long, black, red, transparent and other. But they are somehow all the same. It needed a change, so I made ​​black-red (my favorite combination) short gloves with ruffles at the wrist.

IMG_0269 LX 011They are fingerless and I think, that’s make them special. I can imagine them with a black knee-length skirt, red shirt and high heels … I think that’s great combination of latex costume for Christmas Eve. Or do you have other ideas of variations with these gloves?

I do not know if I can make any other post until Christmas, and therefore I wish to all my readers, have a nice Christmas and new Year 2013!! 🙂

Please excuse my “rusty” English.

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