News in our latex shop for Q1 2016

Greetings readers..
Today, we’d like to sum up some news, that you can find in our latex shop. This time, same as most of the time, it will be all about new outfits. So let’s stop here and move to separate items.



Solid heavy rubber corset with back lacing. Front black zipper and 6 buckles.




Latex vacbed with head and crotch openings.





Massive latex 12-strap suspender belt. High waisted latex suspender without zipper.





Latex loose catsuit with big hood this loose catsuit is ideal for sleeping or any other pleasant moments spend in latex.



latex-color-chart-latexvogue-01-600x600Latex and rubber swatches contains samples of all our latex and rubber sheets.



Those and many other products can be found in our latex shop.

Have a nice day full of latex!




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