As a  manufacturer of latex clothing, we can adjust our latex clothing according to you measures. If you chose this option, final price of your latex order will be increased by 10-20 %. Final price depends on quantity of negotiated adjustment.

For example adjusting length of trousers will only increase price by 10 %. If you want custom adjustment, you have to pay 50 % in front as deposit. After clothes will be finished, you’ll pay the rest .


All latex clothing on our website are just catalog. We will supply products in looks by catalog, if you don’t choose individual adjustment . After you choose from our catalog,  you can contact us by contact form or via e-mail. When ordering, specify product code, or product name. All latex clothing is delivered discreetly packaged. Delivery takes about 2 weeks.

The amount of postage is on request, payment in advance.


All our products are covered by warranty for defects, like unstuck seams. Warranty doesn’t cover defects made by mistreatment, or storage. We recommend you to read paragraph about care of latex and storage.
We offer after warranty repair of your damage latex clothing. It´s for everyone, who has latex clothing with defect. If you had damage latex clothing at home, please let us know and we’ll help you.


If you have interest by cooperation, let us know.



Before you start with dressing, always check you don´t have any rings, earring, piercing etc. They can tear latex. Then you have to use powder, or silicon oil for easy dressing(We prefer silicon based oil). You make final placement by hands. You can use silicon oil also for good latex shine. While undressing, you have to be careful too, no need to rush.


You must wash latex clothing with lukewarm soapy water. It should easy wash powder or silicon oil. Be careful. Watch out of temperature of water, because hot water can stick latex together. After that, you don´t forget wash latex clothing by clean water.


Store latex on dry and dark place, do not expose it to sunshine. Latex don’t tolerate various metals, which can color latex. You store latex clothing separately. For calm sleep, split it by color.


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