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Sexy SnowWhiteMuffin dressed in black latex armhole top and spank skirt

Hello guys and girls,
this time, since it’s pretty hot outside, we will make it a bit more “light” than usual. Who wants to sweat in latex catsuit, right… right? 😀 Anyway, you can see here the SnowWhiteMuffin in
Latex armhole top (SHI11), Latex spank backless skirt with buckle (SKI16) together with One color latex stockings (SLE04), Heavy rubber collar with spikes model.19 (GSH19), Latex hood with hole for ponytail – JAYLA (MAS24) and red latex gloves in addition with wide heavy rubber belt.

Latex clothes and accessories from this gallery is available in our shop shop.latexvogue.com

Latex: latexvogue.com
Model: SnowWhiteMuffin
Photo: rubberghost9


Perverse bathroom


in the gallery below you can find the whole model covered with latex. Honeyhair this photo shoot in the bathroom dressed in a latex catsuit, latex hood, gloves and latex skirt with Tope with refined buckles.


Shiny linings bathrooms are beautifully combined with shine latex layered clothes and the fun can begin.

Model: Honeyhair

Photographer: coJac photography


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