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Sexy girl in tight black latex outfit

Hello latex kinksters.
In today’s gallery, we dress our sexy friend into the tight black latex outfit, because you can never go wrong with black latex. For this occasion, we want something slick and tight, but not the catsuit, so we decided to put the outfit together from several latex pieces. As a base, we pick our Basic latex leggings(LEG04) and black latex blouse with french cuffs – ALICE(TOP03). To highlight her sexy curves, we use Latex corset – MIRANDA(COR02) together with heavy rubber belt, also from our workshop and of course, as you may notice, black latex gloves. In this combination of latex outfits, she looks like goddess and so should you. But I’ll leave that to your opinion 🙂
See you next time…

All latex clothes and accessories from this gallery is available in our shop shop.latexvogue.com

Latex: latexvogue.com
Model: @novakova_ma
Photo: rubberghost9


Sexy model in yellow latex catsuit enclosure

Hello latex lovers.
Today, in our shiny latex gallery, you can see this sexy model totally enclosed in our yellow latex zipperless catsuit(CAT13), with our Latex hood with hole for ponytail – JAYLA(MAS24), long latex gloves with belts and Latex mini skirt with lacing on the sides(SKI14) together with heavy rubber belt, all made by us(latexvogue.com)
Enjoy the gallery and have fun

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Perverse bathroom


in the gallery below you can find the whole model covered with latex. Honeyhair this photo shoot in the bathroom dressed in a latex catsuit, latex hood, gloves and latex skirt with Tope with refined buckles.


Shiny linings bathrooms are beautifully combined with shine latex layered clothes and the fun can begin.

Model: Honeyhair

Photographer: coJac photography


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Black-red latex business costume – skirt and blouse


first of all wish latex scented Christmas and the most days spent in the latex in the new year 🙂

In the photos below you can see a complete latex skirt with a blouse in a color combination that is a bit even Christmas 🙂 This latex shirt and skirt can be used not only as a stylish outfit for the Christmas party.

Latex skirts and shirts have intricate detail, but equally remain well combinable with other latex outfits. This latex costume you will not wear only once 🙂