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Outfit from one of this year’s fetish party called Gumovy Eliot

Atention latexlovers!!!
This is photo gallery from one fetish party, which I’ve attended this year. It is called Gumovy Eliot.
I was wearing my latex top with latex lacing, narrow latex pants, short latex jacket and high heels of course.
It was our first time at this action, but it was great fun.
We’ll be definitely going next time.

What do you say, do you like it?

Latex repair: yanked zipper on latex leggings

Hi readers,
so I’ve decided, that I should let you know about repairs of your latex clothing, that you send me here to fix. I want to show you, what is possible repair (almost anything :D), so that your damage latex piece won’t lie useless in your closet.
It will be only few photos before and after repair. Continue reading Latex repair: yanked zipper on latex leggings