Honeyhair in shiny latex outfit

Honeyhair in shiny latex outfit / GIF


This time Honeyhair choose orange-transparent outfit from our production.
She made several photos and few short clips.
Thereby we’d like to thank her and we’ll be gradually adding more.

Enjoy it

Honeyhair official site – www.honeyhair.net/

You can find more photos in her gallery Honeyhair gallery

Honeyhair in transparent latex panties and night dress

Hello fetishists,
Working hours are off, now some cleaning comes in place.
Sexy Honeyhair comes in her transparent latex outfit, to clean the office.
She wears transparent latex panties with frill and transparent latex night dress.
Do some magic with duster, and suddenly, office is clean.
It is quite amazing view, see for yourself.
Who doesn’t want to have such latex service for himself.

Enjoy it


Honeyhair's Web Shelter

Redhead friend in black latex shirt and latex skirt

Hello latex lovers,
it’s been quite a while since last gallery.
But today we bring you small gallery our sexy friend.
We didn’t see each other for quite a while, so when I told her that I make latex clothes, she wanted to try something.
We choose black latex shirt and skirt with zippers from our own reserves.
This latex outfit fits her well and she loved it, therefore she agreed to take some pictures of her.
So here they are, so make your opinion.

Enjoy it

Outfit from one of this year’s fetish party called Gumovy Eliot

Atention latexlovers!!!
This is photo gallery from one fetish party, which I’ve attended this year. It is called Gumovy Eliot.
I was wearing my latex top with latex lacing, narrow latex pants, short latex jacket and high heels of course.
It was our first time at this action, but it was great fun.
We’ll be definitely going next time.

What do you say, do you like it?

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