Heavy rubber moto jacket

Hello to everybody,

For all the harsh girls who like to show in front of others is this heavy rubber jacket.

It is made of 1 mm thick rubber so it is really solid. You can combine it across styles. It suits with sneakers and high heels too. And if you shine this jacket with silicon oil, everyone turns around.

Model: Caribig

Photograph:  MALKISS photography



3 thoughts on “Heavy rubber moto jacket”

  1. Can you display higher quality versions of these pictures?

    She’s a very attractive model, and your clothes are gorgeous too – it would be lovely to have some large, high quality versions of these pictures.
    Sure, people would display them on other sites, but everyone would know where they came from.

    1. Hello, we can ask the photographer for higher resolution pictures. Also this Jacket isn’t at our store right now, since it was custom made.

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