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Black-red latex business costume – skirt and blouse


first of all wish latex scented Christmas and the most days spent in the latex in the new year 🙂

In the photos below you can see a complete latex skirt with a blouse in a color combination that is a bit even Christmas 🙂 This latex shirt and skirt can be used not only as a stylish outfit for the Christmas party.

Latex skirts and shirts have intricate detail, but equally remain well combinable with other latex outfits. This latex costume you will not wear only once 🙂


Pink latex Sissy body with mitts and hood

Hello 🙂

You can’t find much pink latex outfits in our store, but we also offer you to make your outfit from scratch. We can do practicaly anything and few weeks ago, we got an offer to create pink latex Sissy body with pink latex mitts and hood in matching colors.
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Pink loose latex catsuit with big hood

Hello latex lovers!

Very comfy thing to sleep in is our loose latex catsuit It is soft, not press anywhere and beautifully rustling 🙂 It is equipped with snaps, which start above the butt and ends on top of the hood. So you can close this latex catsuit from the bottom to the top.

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